Criminal Defense

A Zealous Criminal Defense

Some criminal defense lawyers in the Greater Kansas City area focus strongly on strategies of quick plea bargains. Jamison Associates, on the other hand, are the attorneys who fight zealously in pursuit of the best outcome for our clients. Sometimes new clients tell us that other attorneys saw no hope for their defense. When we dig deeply into such cases, we often find the key to success.

More Than 30 Years Of Experience

We have more 30 years of experience dealing with criminal defense matters. We know that every case, client, prosecutor and set of facts will offer unique avenues of defense. Depending on our investigation and analysis of your case, we may discover that a witness has poor credibility, a police officer took illegal actions at the time of the arrest, evidence is weak, or what happened does not match up with the criminal charges. We never assume that a case is hopeless without digging for diamonds of insight first.

Protect Your Future

We are zealous protectors of our clients’ constitutional rights. We do not believe that our legal system supports the idea of ruination of a person’s life because of one mistake. If we represent you, you will soon discover that we know how to ask the right questions needed to get to the heart of a matter. We sometimes consult with expert witnesses such as psychiatrists as needed. Due to our extensive research into forensics and psychology, we know what questions to ask.

We Can Help Today

A jail sentence is a life wrecker for many people. A criminal record is even more devastating. A felony on a person’s record rarely goes away. To learn about our commitment to help protect your freedom and your future, contact our attorneys by email or by calling 816-455-2669. Schedule a consultation today.

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