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Sense And Solutions For Custody And Co-Parenting

Maybe you can’t stand to be around the other parent. Perhaps their parenting style drives you nuts. But as the saying goes, the facts don’t care about your feelings. In matters involving care and custody of children, you have to swallow your pride and make it work.

The courts are concerned with the best interests of the child. The law says both parents should have equal access to their children. So it’s not about winning your custody case. It’s really about the details of a workable arrangement.

Jamison Associates handles custody and related matters of family law in the Greater Kansas City area (on the Missouri side). Call me at 816-413-0696.

Experienced Legal Counsel For Child Custody And Child Support

I am attorney Kevin Jamison. In 40 years of practice, I have handled hundreds of custody cases, mostly in the context of divorce proceedings but also between parents who were never married. Judges hate when adults use kids as a weapon to punish the other party, and that’s not my approach either. I believe in negotiating and moving families forward, rather than expensive, bitter and counterproductive custody litigation.

But there is still some heavy lifting to get to that parenting agreement that everyone can live with. I can help you hash out the details and resolve the sticking points:

  • Will you split custody 50-50, such as one week on, one week off?
  • Or will one parent have primary custody and the other parent regular visitation?
  • Is one parent keeping the house?
  • Where will the kids go for summer vacation and major holidays?
  • Is there a reason to depart from the Missouri child support guidelines?
  • Is either parent moving out of the Kansas City area?
  • Is there a stepmom or stepdad in the picture? If so, what are the rules?

I emphasize a very detailed custody agreement that avoids future disputes or contempt of court proceedings. Trust and cooperation are key, even if you are not on great terms with the other parent. For example, I put unmonitored phone contact in all of my custody decrees.

I Have Got Your Back

Sometimes custody litigation is unavoidable. I can faithfully represent you custody proceedings, including sole custody if the other parent poses a danger to your child. I can advocate for you in paternity actions, parent relocation disputes and post-decree modifications of custody, parenting plans or child support. I won’t start a fight, but I will finish one.

Let’s Find The Best Solution

I practice in the family courts of Clay County, Jackson County, Platte County and surrounding jurisdictions. To discuss your child custody concerns, call my Gladstone law office at 816-396-6382 to arrange a consultation, or contact me online.