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Practical Solutions To The Tough Issues Of Divorce

Some divorces go smoothly. Some get pretty rough. Either way, your mindset must be on the future. You can’t be so hellbent on a quick divorce that you give away the farm. Nor should you get bogged down in an expensive courtroom battle out of spite.

Things may be intense right now, but your divorce will end. My job is to make the process as easy as possible and prevent future legal battles. I will protect your interests while helping you make practical move-forward decisions.

I am Kansas City attorney Kevin Jamison. I offer 40 years of experience in problem-solving divorce, child custody and related issues of Missouri family law. I practice in Clay County, Jackson County and Platte County. Call me at 816-396-6382

Life’s Too Short For Lose-Lose Battles

Getting divorced can cut you to the core and bring out your worst instincts. Of course it’s emotional, but in the end it’s a transaction. The law says you must divide your marital estate equitably, and if you have children you will need to work together long after the dust settles on your marriage. There just isn’t much to gain from fighting tooth and nail.

I strive toward a workable settlement that takes into account:

  • Possession of the house and any home equity
  • Dividing retirement funds and stocks
  • Vehicles, guns, jewelry, collectibles and valuables
  • Loans, credit cards and joint debts
  • Custody and support of your children
  • Spousal support (if applicable)

My philosophy is to keep you out of court, now and down the road. I don’t advocate spending two dollars to “win” something worth one dollar. But I have litigated my share of nasty divorces over the years, and if the case needs to be tried I can bring the firepower.

Let’s Get Your Divorce Done

In addition to resolving contested divorces, I regularly help couples with dissolution of marriage (uncontested divorce). While I can only represent one party, I keep everything fair and above board to iron out the details of property, custody and support so you can go your separate ways.

Whether you are contemplating divorce or your spouse has served you papers, call my Gladstone office today at 816-396-6382 or contact me online.