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We Are Dedicated Criminal Defense, Family Law And Immigration Attorneys

book coverWe have practiced law in the Greater Kansas City area since 1983. We have a general practice accepting cases involving immigration, divorce, expungement of criminal records and criminal defense, from traffic tickets to murder. We are recognized statewide as attorneys who concentrate in weapons and self-defense law.

Knowledge Is No. 1

A very large part of our law practice consists of informing clients about what they need to know for their legal issues. We have years of experience educating juries and media sources, and we put our knowledge to good use as clients and we seek and find suitable solutions to their needs, whether those involve criminal defense, family law counsel and representation, or other matters. We target and customize the information we provide to each client for each particular need.

Persistence Leads The Way To Resolution

We tackle each new case, each new client and each legal issue with determination and zeal. We do not give up until we are satisfied we have represented our clients as skillfully and effectively as we can in pursuit of the best outcome obtainable.

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