"I help people with problems or who wish to avoid problems."


The well-prepared young pilot in the photo above is my father, Eugene O. Jamison 58th Fighter Group, 1944. He sent the picture home from the Philippines with the caption “Alerted for Jap paratroop attack.”

I help people with problems, and make the solution as painless as possible. When you call my office you will talk to a person; evening, weekends, and holidays included. We have voice mail for those times we are tied up, and only for those times. We do not have a computer that entices people to punch numbers, claiming that each number brings you closer to a live person. We will never have such a machine. People call us with problems; they deserve to talk to people.


I have practiced law since 1983. I have a general practice accepting cases involving immigration, divorce, expungement of criminal records, and criminal defense, from traffic tickets to murder. I concentrate in weapons and self-defense law.

You can certainly find someone to do the job cheaper; it does not take much to plead you guilty or watch you go to jail. If you want someone to fight for you, that is what I do.