Weapons And Self-Defense

Weapons Law And Self-Defense In Missouri

When I say I “wrote the book on weapons and self-defense in Missouri,” I mean that literally. Anyone interested in this topic in a general sense is invited to acquire my book entitled Missouri Weapons and Self-Defense Law: Common Law Experience and Missouri Practice, published in 2003 or our DVD Missouri Concealed Carry and Self-Defense Law, both updated on this website.

On the other hand, if you are looking for personalized legal counsel relevant to your particular concerns and circumstances, contact me and schedule a consultation.

I Offer Proactive Consultations On Weapons And Self-Defense

Many clients take advantage of my offer of a fairly priced initial consultation to review their concerns about self-defense. Quite a few have done so proactively, before any incident or brush with the law occurred. This is a wise path of preparation. Personalized knowledge of the law can go a long way in preventing the need for damage control after a legal problem has unfolded.

In our former life in the army, weapons were essential for survival. In today’s modern life in and around Gladstone, Missouri, questions about the best strategies for self-protection with firearms are frequent topics of discussion. My knowledge of the use of weapons for self-defense has historical and practical aspects. My research on these topics to date has been extensive. Many people call me “the gunshow lawyer,” but I am also knowledgeable on weapons other than guns. I am available to be your defense attorney as needed.

I Handle Tough Cases, Including Charges Of ‘Felon In Possession’

In an individual criminal defense case involving weapons and self-defense, I am always ready to evaluate the facts and take a stand in support of my client’s constitutional rights. I often obtain very favorable outcomes, including acquittals, on behalf of people who had been told by other lawyers their cases were “hopeless.” No attorney can promise a particular outcome in a criminal case. However, my client have full assurance of my preparedness to advocate on their behalf.

Bring your questions about the use of weapons for self-defense in Missouri to my attention before any incident has taken place — or after an arrest. I welcome the opportunity to explain to you, to a judge and/or to a jury what the law really has to say about your case.

Contact The Missouri Attorney Who Wrote The Book On Weapons And Self-Defense In This State

Self-defense cases make up a significant portion of my law practice. I am available to evaluate your case. Contact Jamison Associates by email or by phone at 816-455-2669 to schedule a consultation.