Personal Injury

Help For Personal Injury Cases

Jamison Associates can help you aggressively pursue compensation for your injury. No matter the cause of your accident, our team of skilled litigators can help pursue the results you deserve, either in court or out.

30 Years Of Trial Experience

We are experienced and aggressive litigators, bringing both knowledge and passion to the courtroom in all of our cases. Our goal is to let you focus on your recovery while we go to work to hold accountable the responsible party and secure justice and compensation on your behalf. We work to obtain the financial assistance you deserve to make your recovery easier.

Leveling The Playing Field

We strive to eliminate stress associated with court appearances and settlement issues. We understand insurance company tactics and how they work to minimize or deny claims. Our experience allows us to level the playing field and prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of you with inadequate settlement offers. If going to trial becomes necessary, we work aggressively to protect your best interests and obtain the best result for your specific facts.

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