Employment Litigation

If you have an employment law issue, you need a law firm that is aggressive, has extensive experience and a track record of success in representing clients in employment disputes, and will represent you with integrity. Our attorneys work hard to do all of these things for you when representing your interests.

At times, an employer may take action against an employee that is both unfair and illegal. Call us if you believe your employer has made an __________________________________ employment decision based on:

  • Your Gender
  • Your Age
  • Race Or Ethnic Background
  • A Disability
  • Workers Compensation Claim Or Injury
  • A Request For, Or Taking Of, Fmla Leave
  • Pregnancy Or Childbirth
  • Your Religious Beliefs
  • A Complaint You Made Concerning Unlawful Conduct


  • If You Have Been Harassed Or Retaliated Against Based On Any Of The Above Criteria, This, Likewise Is Unlawful.
  • If Your Employer Fails To Pay You Your Proper Wages Or Overtime Compensation

If any of the above describes your situation, you should speak with an experienced attorney at our firm who will vigorously represent your interests.